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why would you need an ice maker when jack can just make one for you

image"Are you kidding? Why would I want to help Once here?"

image"I actually agree with Jack for once. There’s no way he would help me with an ice maker."

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Jack- When was the last time you've seen Jamie? Oncie- Last time you've seen The Lorax?

image"Haven’t seen him since last week. I’m pretty busy these days but I take one day out of the week to visit him."

image"This morning. I wish he’d just leave me alone."

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// Hey everyone. A little heads up. I just found out today that I got a job working at a place in my local town and won’t be on as much and have crazy hours but I will still try to manage this blog as best as I can. Thanks. ~Jack and Onceler mod.

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SQUEEE!!! I know your mun hasn't seen it, but today i saw your movie, Jack. It was amazing. The whole time i was like, "MY POOR BABY!!!" I almost cried for you! And you too Oncie, when i saw your movie a few weeks ago. You two are too perfect. I love you.

"What a coincidence. My mun say it today too. They just got back."

"Let me guess. You saw my movie on Blu-ray and/or DVD right? Still thanks for watching my movie………"

"Someone’s a bit jealous……."

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Hey guys! I know you're friends and all, but does someone get on the others nerves sometimes? Like any annoying habits and whatnot?

"Does Oncie’s constant bursting into song all the time count? Or that loud guitar of his? That’s what bugs me the most"

"Is there anything that Jack does that doesn’t bother me? Throwing snowballs, messing with my ice maker….."

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"Uh what?"

"Horrible as?"

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// Guess who’s seeing Rise of the Guardians today? Yup, me! I’m so excited! I’m going to wear a hoodie shirt to the theater as well.¬†

"May I point out that our mun hasn’t seen a movie in a theater since 2002. They didn’t even see Oncie’s movie on the big screen. Pretty funny"

"How could you Mun? I’m deeply hurt"

// …….No comment.

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Oncie- what's your biggest fear (not relating to thneeds) Jack - do you know Frosty the Snowman? Both- let me have your babies!!!

"Biggest fear? That would be failure and not being good enough. Although some people think I’m not good enough already……like my mother

"That would be a no but I have made some snowmen before"

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What do you think about the Once-ler's singing? And are you musical Jack?

"Uh, no. I’m not musical. Not a big fan of music. Oncie’s constant singing is very annoying……I secretly think he sings on purpose"

"Now why would I do that? There’s nothing wrong with singing Jack"

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Wait, you're both single? Holy. Hot. Flamingos. Made. By. Satan.


"Flamingos on fire? What in the world? Yes, we’re both single. Why do you ask?"